February 10, 2010

Here We Go!!!

Ok, my friends! Here we go!

One evening Momma Crafter (Karen) presented the idea to me to form a Craft Club. She explained we could get together once a month and craft together. A reason to HAVE to craft, I was IN! So we recruited 2 of her daughter-in-laws (Christy and Erin...which are also more friends than cousins). I recruited my sister, Tricia (and hair dresser of most of our club members). Then Momma Crafter has an awesome sister-in-law (making her yet another cousin-in-law of mine) we knew we'd enjoy spending an afternoon a month with. We all are excited to join this club and get to hang out. Thus, the Crafternooners were born.

Since starting this club, just two weeks ago we have all done several crafts outside our Crafternoon project. We want to use this blog to share our Crafternoon projects with other crafters. We also enjoy showing other things we have done on our own.

Over time I hope to feature each of our Crafternooners and let you learn a little more about them.

If you visit our little slice of cyberspace, please leave us a comment. And if you have a blog, please leave us a link so we can visit you as well.

~Jenny (no nickname for me yet!)

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  1. This is soooo fun and Jenny, you summarize it all so well! Quite entertaining, both in real life AND on the blog :-)