February 26, 2010

Just Bag It!

We all went home 'bag ladies'!  Momma Crafter led us in constructing cute little gift bags using 12x12 scrapbook paper.  We all used her most awesome scoring tray to make bags almost as cute as hers.  We then started venturing out to make different sizes and different shapes.  We left with bags which we were all saying how hard it was going to be to give away.  Somewhere along the way, I think Wendy "craft" her pants...which became our official saying of the day. 

Here are the BAG LADIES:   ( I am officially resigning as club photographer! My camera obviously stinks!!)

(Erin, Momma Crafter ~ Karen, Jenny, Tricia, Wendy, and Christy in front)
*disclaimer....the bags Jenny is holding MAY or MAY NOT be her own creations.  ;)  *

Guest appearance by Bella

Momma Crafter instructing Christy (not in pic) and "Star-Student", Wendy watching!

Tricia and Erin hard at crafting!

Tricia and Jenny's 1st bags

Wendy working the bone folder

Christy showing her bag off

Bella assisting her momma

Momma Crafter instructing us some more.  She has so much to teach us!

Erin's bags.....somebody sure was busy!

Tricia's bags.......or bag....I know she made more, we must not have taken pics of them.  Cute and spring-y they were.  Just perfect for a little Easter treat for a special sister *wink*wink*!!!

Wendy's bags

And Jenny's bags ( you can't tel, but the green one I actually changed it up a bit; made it square instead of rectangular!)

Next month is Erin's turn to host and she has already declared 'Open Crafting' at her house!  So we will all be working on our own projects that we never seem to find the time to complete.


  1. What a Crafty Blog Site:-)

  2. Just found you through another blog.

    Very cute! I think I'd like to make those bags! Isn't it so fun to find an excuse to get together & CRAFT! :)

  3. The bags look great, I love some of the designs you chose!