June 13, 2010

Crosses + Awesomeness = CROSS-OMENESS!!

Yes, us ladies got CROSS-OME this time around!  Tricia chose our craft and has had her eyes set on making these mosaic like crosses.  We had lots of visitors this time around and had lots to eat and laugh about.  Andrea (sister of Jen and Tricia) joined us as did her daughter Kabrina, and Tricia's daughter Storri.  Again, the guests made some really cute things and just may not be invited back! ;)

We started with our cute cards this time.  Even some of our guests brought cards.  The one Erin brought looked like a dirty movie...(not that any of us have seen a dirty movie that came wrapped like this, we are only IMAGINING it would!) wrapped in brown sack like paper and was the size of a video box. 

Momma Krafter and Jen had the same idea....making several cards to give instead of 1 card all decorated.  Jen ended up with Momma K's and Momma K ended up with Jen's! 

(This was the best pic of the tags Karen got!  You will see them on the table in front of her!)
Kim ended up with the brown paper mystery one...so we had to open it and it was very cute and clever indeed!  Erin used a plastic video box and included several scrapbook items. 

Andrea ended up with Tricia's which was some cute flowers with brads. 

Wendy got Storri's which was giraffe print label with aqua and green fibers. 

Erin got Andrea's which was a 'Crafternoon' bookmark (fitting for a student/teacher....she has lots of books to mark!). 

Tricia got Kim's which was a fiber card with a marroon-ish and heart theme. 

And, Storri got the awesome MISC. one from Wendy (looks like FUN stuff!!)

And we had our SKYPE-ing going on, as well!  Here is Kim!

OK....now on to the crafting!
Tricia supplied some crosses and the glue.  We all brought our own embellishments (some brought beads, old jewelry, western embellisments, etc!).

Here are Erin's supplies...Cross, silver paint, pretty colorful beads, silver beads, glue, and a margarita!

Jen's finished cross:

Erin's finished cross:

Storri's finished cross:

Andy's frame:

Wendy's finished cross:

Karen's finished frame (they are mostly studs and she used some sort of clay):

Tricia's finished cross.....she SO copied Jen! ;)

Kabrina's finished cross:

The group's crosses and frames together:

And the awesome group with our goods!

Christy had other family obligations and wasn't able to join us :(   But, she is hosting for June!!!  :)

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