June 9, 2010

Crafternooners Go Mosaic

(yes....this is a bit delayed.....post has been written, but wanted to attach pics.....and the pictures STINK!....I tried copying them from our Facebook group...not so good.......but I really want to get this posted so I can get caught up on our next Crafternoon!)

April Crafternoon found us at Wendy's.  While we thought she was supplying us with all new laptops...it was actually a square stepping stone in a Dell box. 

We had lots of goodies to snack on and some yummy lemonaid to sip.

Wendy had invited her sweet parent in laws, her mom, and a sweet friend, Tabitha to join us craftin' crazies.

Plus Wendy had a 'grout boy' that also tripled as greeter ( "Welcome to Crafternoon!" as he answered the door) and delivery boy (those darn stones were HEAV-EEEE!!!!).  Thanks for it all, Gerald!!! 

We all went about our designs on our own and all assembled them differently.  Best I can do is show you what everyone came up with!  And us getting there!

Wendy's Sweetness she calls "Mom"






Glenna and Randy


Wendy's (she tried telling us it was like "icing a cake"...whatever!)  :)

Fibercard / Card drawing..........Not sure we got pictures of everyone's.  We really need to be better about that.  They are all so cute, clever, and crafty!

Here is the card Momma Krafter designed, that Jen ended up with.  LOVE THE RED AND BLACK!  Plus there was some more matching black and red stickers and other goodies!

But, my favorite part of Crafternoon, is just hanging with my 'family by chance.....friends by choice'.
(Jen and Erin!)

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