March 30, 2010

Open Craft!!

Our March Crafternoon, hosted by Erin was open craft.  Erin had some scrap booking she wanted to work on, but just had everyone bring a project of their choosing to work on.  We feasted on a baked potato bar.  YUM!  And we had a couple of visitors.  But the BEST'll have to read on to find out!  ;)

Erin, being the hostest with the mostest, wanted to show everyone an easy and fun craft.  she showed how we could just use adhesive and glue scrapbook paper to a journal.  Then you can have matching sprials, journals, folders, or whatever!  Can you tell...Erin is finishing up her degree to become a teacher.

Erin worked on her scrap booking...

Wendy worked on more blocks.  She is about to start her own forest to keep up with all the wood she is going through.  WENDY'S BLOCKS ROCK!!

With Wendy supervising, Tricia made her first set of blocks to complete her daughter's big girl room.  ADORABLE!  She had missed our first Crafternoon where we made our inaugural Valentine blocks.

Momma Krafter (aka Karen) assisted her Aunt Sue with organizing her digital pictures.  Momma Krafter is often too busy assisting others to ever get her projects complete.  She brought stuff to work on a scarf for a gift, but not sure she got it out.

Momma Krafter is always sure to show us something new each meeting!  Jewelery just wrapped with ribbon!  How easy is that?  She even had handouts!  :)

Here she is SKYPE-ing with her sister Kim in Arizona!  Not sure what they were discussing, but it looks pretty darn funny!

Christy brought some scrap book stuff to organize.  But wasn't feeling up to it.  So no pics of her...  :(

And Jenny had planned to work on her Disney vacation scrapbook.  All she got done was trimming her pics for her album.  All 300 of them!

I mentioned surprises......well, we had an "e-visitor".  Momma Krafter's sister joined us via SKYPE from Arizona!!!  If that doesn't make you "craft your pants"!!!  Not only are we crafty, but we are techno, too!  Here is Aunt Kim SKYPE-ing in (is that a verb???).  She worked on her own craft in her most awesome craft room.  Speaking of her craft room, she took us on a virtual tour of it.  And YES, I am still suffering from CRE (Craft Room Envy....and yes, I'm being medicated for that........ha ha).

Momma Krafter had a grand idea (and you'll find out WHY Jenny thinks it is so grand in a bit!) for our April Crafternoon and each one thereafter.  She suggested everyone bring a 'fiber card' or some sort of treat (like some craft supplies, or a craft).  To explain it all better, she brought a fiber card for our March Crafternoon and we had a drawing for it.  WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED IN A BIT...  She put some really cool fibers and ribbon around a manila card.  She passed out a blank/empty card to everyone to bring to our April crafternoon.  (Not sure I explained that too well.)  So, at our April Crafternoon, we'll some how exchange our cards and all end  up with something cool from someone else.  And........we had a drawing (did I mention that???) for Momma Krafter's sample card.  Plain, and simple...and not cheating, sweet Bella Rose drew out AUNT JENNY's name.  Oh, how I love that girl.  And here is my card I won....have I mentioned how I love Bella??

So we all went home either with a completed project or a bit further along into one that we were working on.

April Crafternoon will be hosted by Wendy and we will be mosaic-ing (is that a word???) stepping stones.

And here we are all together!  :)

From left....Aunt Kim on SKYPE, Aunt Sue, Karen, Wendy, Christy, Jen, Erin, Tricia, and Grace peeking out of the corner!

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